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Our Services

we offer a variety of solutions

for your cemeteries needs

Capturing your cemetery with our 360 Ground View Imaging.

Increasing leads with our property listing service: CemLS.

Creating digital 360 cemetery tours to share with your families.

Integrating our 360 collection with your GIS Mapping system.

Integrating our 360 collection to be fully integrated into your existing website.

Helping cemeteries showcase their most active sales areas.

our most requested services

360 Ground view imaging

We offer customers online solutions to connect and engage with your cemetery. Through Cemetery360.com, consumers can enter a ground-level, 360-degree view of a cemetery and interact with it through an immersive, life-like experience.

Property Listing service

Cemetery360 is also the first to offer a Cemetery Listing Service (CemLS) to showcase available cemetery property. CemLS links a global identification number to specific plot listings and is fully integrated with our 360 ground view mapping.

360 live video stream service

We have also introduced a new service this year, our 360 video live stream system. With this new platform. You can capture live video content in a full 360 view. The system is powered by mobile data, and you can take the system with you on the go.